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The timeless elegance of Fellini’s “Dolce Vita” lives again in the men swimsuit of the Italian brand Peninsula Swimwear.

The name is a clear reference to Italy, the true inspiring muse of the stand out creativity of Edoardo Pasolini dall’Onda and Federico Naccardo, the two young entrepreneurs that have brought the Peninsula Swimwear project to life.

The Peninsula Swimwear bathing suits have classic designs, which are at the same time very current, celebrating both the aesthetic ideal of the 60s and 70s  and the made in Italy fabrics’ quality.

Models with elastic or buttons and with colors and prints that recall the most renowned Italian seaside locations: the extraordinary energy of the Amalfi coast with its characteristic majolica, the savage beauty of Sardinia and the charming appeal of the Sicilian coasts.

The swim suits of Peninsula Swimwear are produced with ecological and natural materials, entirely refined in Italy and reflecting the brand awareness toward the respect and defense of the environmental heritage.

The impeccable attention to details, the research for innovation, and vintage touch of Peninsula Swimwear make its swim suits a perfect combination of past and future.

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