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Gianni Paladini, whose family has run a famous Milan atelier since the early twentieth century, founded his own luxury lingerie brand Gianantonio Paladini together with Alba Rosa Ceccatelli, a designer with distinguished experience.

His collection includes lingerie produced using precious materials that are paired with innovative fabrics, with a focus on comfort and seduction. Paladini underwear is designed for everyday wear, as well as to showcase the feminine side of all women who wear it.

The Paladini brand does not only produce women’s lingerie, as its collection also includes a selection of nightdresses, robes, pyjamas and swimsuits for women. Every product conveys the attention paid to detail, craftsmanship and finishes, which make each item unique and special to wear.

You will always find elegance, glamour and multifunctional style, combined with Italian tradition, in any garment you choose.

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The boutique

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