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Lise Charmel was founded in the 1950s in Lyon, widely regarded as France’s silk capital. Its historic headquarters, originally located in the textile arts hub of the Croix Rousse district, were considered the place to go for anyone seeking luxury products and quality.

Thanks to its designs, Lise Charmel immediately established a strong presence in the lingerie and corsetry sector, becoming one of the best women’s lingerie brands.

Lise Charmel creates products that women really want, which move with changes in both fashion and the seasons. Its pieces are sophisticated and original and combine elegance with good taste, meeting the most refined European expectations. The rich embroidery, sumptuous fabrics and attention to detail can satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Its underwear sets, balconette bras and knickers blend fine materials such as silk and Calais lace. Steeped in the spirit of haute couture, Lise Charmel is synonymous with luxury French lingerie around the world.

If there is an image of the French woman in the collective imagination, she would wear Lise Charmel lingerie.

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