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KC Beachwear

A bird is the brand of KC Beachwear.

Young, elegant, and energetic: the choice of this symbol alludes to every woman’s dream of traveling and feeling light.

Katinka and Consuelo, the brand creators, convey this idea at its best.

The KC Beachwear’s bathing suits represent the best of the Italian tailor’s shop’s know-how and savoir faire in regards of the materials and of the handcrafted production.

KC Beachwear produce exclusive by suing a very high fabrics quality and putting a maniacal attention into details.

The strong point of its products such as bikini, cullottes, full body swimwear, tunics, kaftans, clothes, top, light pants is the perfect wearability thanks to the polish design of each product.

KC Beachwear is the beach wear with comfy and pleasant traits, vibrant tonalities, and creative prints, giving the wearer a stylish and casual look.

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