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Footwear Spanish brand Homers combines both simplicity and elegance.

All started when a family from Minorca began 40 years ago to devote itself to his biggest passion: the creation and production of high quality shoes and slippers.

A brand that unifies tradition with innovation thanks to its fine artisan knowledge and to its love for modern design.

The Homers’ slippers and shoes production follow a process that is almost fully handmade, consisting of over 70 working steps in which nothing is left to chance.

The slippers are comfortable but also always chic and entirely built with proper artisan techniques, following the minimal essential lines, which will never be out of fashion.

The company’s motto is that nothing can be done without passion, certainly not the Homers shoes!

Collection after collection Homers’ slippers continue to represent the main values of the company: beauty, design and perfection.

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The boutique

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