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The F’estival brand was created in 2001 by Alfredo Fiammenghi, who worked for 27 years as the Italian representative for one of the most high-end French bathing suits brands.

With a profound knowledge of both the product and the market, along with a pronounced artistic sensitivity, Alfredo Fiammenghi aims to create high-quality bathing suits. In fact, his project is entirely based on design and quality, with the added value of being completely made in Italy.

The F’estival style is found in the use of the best fabrics, paired with simple cuts that enhance the shape of the female body. Together, these factors create clean and elegant products.

Strategically designed seams, subtle accessories, and various-coloured designs are the strengths of these minimalist costumes.

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The boutique

Pay us a visit to the store on Via Frattina, we are open every day!