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Alto Milano

Alto Milano is pure Made in Italy excellence. Created in the 90s by Facenti, the established leader in high quality socks since the beginning of the twentieth century, Alto Milano brand has deep roots in the history of hosiery manufacturing.

Having inherited Facenti’s craftsmanship expertise, ​​Alto Milano has quickly established itself as one of the most dynamic fashion brand in the high-end hosiery industry.

Alto Milano combines the highest quality of every detail with the most innovative production techniques. Every sock is hand-finished with a unique touch that excels in originality.

The finest natural yarns, such as cashmere, silk, Egyptian cotton and extra-fine merino wool are the essential elements of Alto socks brilliantly crafted with unique style and modern elegance.

Men’s collection is designed and built for a man with a strong personality and offers both the impeccable elegance of the classic fabrics and the original peculiarity of the finest tartans and jacquards.

In the same way, the Women’ collection is aimed at self-confident women, offering exclusive socks refined with outstanding yarns and colour shades.

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