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Since 1953

Your underwear shop is in Rome

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Since 1953 the Brighenti family selects only the best products of the most exclusive brands.

Brighenti - Maryan Mehlhorn - Costume Intero

Maryan Mehlhorn

Maryan Mehlhorn is regarded as the pioneer who transformed the swimsuit into a high-fashion garment. In the Brighenti lingerie shop you can discover Maryan Mehlhorn’s new collection of fashionable swimsuits and bikinis made using the finest materials.

Brighenti - Alto Milano - Calzini Righe Fiocchi

Alto Milano

Alto Milano is a brand created by Facenti, an established reality in the Italian hosiery industry. Thanks to Facenti’s manufacturing expertise, Alto has soon become a symbol of Made in Italy excellence. Its proposals for men and women stand out for their elegance and personality.

Brighenti Maison Marcy Pigiami

Maison Marcy

The excessive care of the Maison Marcy’s man’s and woman’s luxury pajamas make this young brand the emblem of elegance and aristocratic style. At Brighenti you will find the best selection of the luxury pajamas, all charachterized by the beautiful coat of arms.

Brighenti Homers At Home Pantofole


Homers produces elegant and soft shoes for walking around the house with a classic and minimal design which is, at the same time, innovative and daring. Brighenti opens to the home shoes world with a collection of Homers’ slippers that are always chic and never banal.

Brighenti KC Costume Fascia Blu

KC Beachwear

In the female beachwear world, KC Beachwear distinguish itself with its vibrant and fresh colors coupled with its unique and pleasant prints. Brighenti is pleased tointroduce this entirely made in Italy brand among its brands.

Brighenti Peninsula Swimwear Costume Rosso

Peninsula Swimwear

The men swim suits of Peninsula Swimwear brand celebrate the timeless elegance of the “Dolce Vita felliniana” and they represent the made in Italy values and quality. Brighenti offers a wide selection of men swim suits signed by the young and promising Italian brand.

Brighenti - McAlson - Costume Canottaggio Fantasia


The unique McAlson men’s underwear combines the elegance of the boxer with the comfort of the brief. Brighenti offers the high quality of McAlson underwear in a variety of prints and colors to meet everyone’s tastes.

Brighenti - Zimmerli - Uomo Intimo Bianco

Zimmerli of Switzerland

Zimmerli of Switzerland, thanks to the highest care and attention paid to its refinement of fabric and purity of design, represents the best expression of manufacturing and craftsmanship for men underwear. In store, you will find an exclusive selection of underwear.

Brighenti Marjolaine Camicia da Notte


With seventy years of experience, Marjolaine produces women’s nightwear that combines ancient textile techniques with cutting-edge expertise. You can find a range of lingerie in store, including silk nightdresses and babydolls.

Boutique Brighenti - Prima Donna - Intimo

Prima Donna

The main objective of Prima Donna’s underwear collections, especially of their bras, is to use multi-functional design and high-quality materials to define an elegant silhouette and celebrate women’s curves. You can try on a selection of underwear items at Brighenti.

Boutique Brighenti - Wacoal - Intimo


This leading international underwear producer has always pursued its mission of creating underwear with a perfect everyday fit, without sacrificing women’s beauty and femininity. You can find a wide range of Wacoal shapewear products in the shop.

Brighenti - Paladini - Intimo Nero


Paladini applies its experience in the Italian textile tradition to produce its lingerie and swimsuits, which are designed to be worn every day and highlight every woman’s feminine side. Brighenti offers customers a selection of bras, nightdresses, robes, pyjamas and swimsuits.

Boutique Brighenti - Hanro - Intimo Uomo e Donna


A perfect fit and feelings of comfort are the main characteristics of Hanro’s underwear. Hanro does not only specialise in dressing women, but also designs underwear for men. You can find a wide selection of items of underwear for both men and women at Brighenti.

Brighenti Copertina Eres Bikini Nero


The feel, support and quality of the materials are the hallmarks of the iconic style and savoir faire of the prestigious French brand Eres. This fashion house’s fundamental aim is to enhance the beauty of women’s bodies. In the shop you will find highly sought-after swimsuits, bikinis and cover-ups that suit all women’s figures.

Brighenti Copertina Lise Charmel Caftano

Lise Charmel

Around the world, Lise Charmel is synonymous with luxury French lingerie: elegant designs, rich embroidery and sophisticated lacework come together to create refined elegance. Brighenti has selected bras, balconette bras and knickers for you from one of the best women’s underwear brands.

Brighenti Andres Sarda Bikini Tanga

Andres Sarda

Sensuality, creativity and innovation are the distinctive features of the Spanish creations by Andres Sarda, whose revolutionary design is rooted in the family textile company founded in the nineteenth century. You can try on this Catalan-style women’s underwear directly in store.

Brighenti Ritratti Intimo Nero


This Milan-based brand is famous for its Star Cup and has always been regarded as one of the most luxurious women’s underwear brands, both in Italy and around the world. In the Rome shop you will find a selection of items of lingerie, including technically perfect bikinis and bras.

Boutique Brighenti-Festival Costumi Da Bagno


The F’estival brand by Alfredo Fiammenghi brings you bathing suits that are made entirely in Italy, featuring distinctive quality and design. You can discover In the Brighenti boutique a broad selection of high-quality swimwear, characterized by clean and simple lines.

Polo Ralph Lauren Costumi da uomo

Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Ralph Lauren line represents at best the perfect combination of elegance and informality that has made the brand famous throughout the world. In the Brighenti boutique you can find a broad selection of Polo Ralph Lauren swimwear, undergarments and pajamas, all characterized by the famous brand iconic design.

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Why choose our boutique?

  • Multi-brand boutique

    The Brighenti boutique is not simply a lingerie and beachwear shop, but a place where you will find over 15,000 items from the most exclusive Italian and international brands. This wide selection enables you to try on the best products and choose the ones that most suit you.

  • Selected products

    Not only will you find the most exclusive brands of beachwear, women’s lingerie and men’s underwear in the shop, but you will also discover a selection of these brands’ most stylish and seductive items. By attending fashion shows and continuously communicating with manufacturers, our staff handpicks the best items.

  • History

    In its shop, the Brighenti family has always focused on offering its customers only those clothes that reflect its very specific values of quality, sensuality and elegance. You can see this in the satisfaction of the shop’s customers, who have relied on Brighenti’s experience to choose their underwear for years.

  • Skilled staff

    The boutique’s highly skilled staff helps you find the product you’re looking for, guiding you through the shop’s extensive selection to help you discover new items of clothing that suit your taste and needs.

Brighenti is intimacy and exclusivity

  • Personal Shopper

    The Brighenti family is pleased to offer you its additional personal shopping service. You can rely on the shop’s staff to discover new collections of lingerie, pyjamas, swimsuits and bikinis with your trusted personal shopper. They will draw on their experience, advising you on the latest trends and the items that best suit your body.

The boutique

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