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APP Web Agency credits

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APP Web Agency, a communication agency based in Rome, has been chosen by boutique Brighenti to develop a website with the aim of honoring the historic store, its products, and to impart all the passion and expertise the family has for his profession. Moreover, the agency has assisted the boutique by providing consultancy for the brand image management on the web.

Website Development

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Due to the luxury and fashionable products, following the customer’s requests, the agency has decided to develop a responsive website that could convey the sensuality and quality of all the articles sold at the store and at the same time that could be modern and elegant and have a successful visual communication. All this had to have a simple, straightforward, and engaging User experience.

SEO Consulting

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To develop the website, APP Web Agency has researched and analyzed the most suitable keyword in regards of the customer target decided for the business activity in the store located in the center of Rome and for the many type of products sold. Nevertheless, the SEO analysis has been essential to write the text that have been completely written by the communication agency. The text has been created to be easily read and to reach an excellent position on the search engines.

Web Marketing

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To obtain the desired visibility, APP Web Agency has implemented, and still implements, the web marketing strategy. The agency manages the remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords, and it designs the banner graphics. In addition, it develops the social media marketing strategies by using an editorial plan to guarantee a written and visual communication that fits the brand Brighenti.